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During the Christmas season, there will be great challenges for air transport companies and supplier
Release on2017-11-10During the Christmas season, there will be great challenges for air transport companies and supplierRead More
Amazing New Products launch in our Factory !
Release on2017-11-04  We are develop new products to meet the different needs of customers constantly. Today, our New Products are Silicone Coaster and Silicone Soap Dish.
Read More
Customer visits to discuss cooperation
Release on2017-11-02November is a purchase month, A lot of costomer will come in china attend the canton fair, HongKong fair and so on ! it means also have a lot of custo...Read More
How to face sharply going up of raw silicone material price
Release on2017-10-30According to China government polics of environment protection,all raw material price has been increased a lot since the early of 2017.Also including ...Read More
Who has decided to purchase not purchase your products? Is it just Depends on your customers?
Release on2017-10-28"Take the customer as the center" the marketing thinking emphasis is focused on "of" focus on customers,but don't know whether you have thought about:...Read More
All of our workers load 699 cartons into a 40" container today
Release on2017-10-28All of our workers load 699 cartons into a 40" container todayRead More
Happy Halloween, and get you some fancy Halloween accessories
Release on2017-10-24Since Halloween is coming,why don't you get some fancy Halloween accessories to have more fun? DIY Skull ice cube,Skull shaped chocolate candy,gingerde...Read More
Benhaida New Design Otter Tea Infuser New Listings
Release on2017-10-19Benhaida New Design Otter Tea Infuser New Listings Today our new design tea infuser, cute design Otter tea is start mass production, the stock color h...Read More
China nineteenth National Congress of the Communist Party
Release on2017-10-18China nineteenth National Congress of the Communist Party China nineteenth National Congress of the Communist Party has started in Beijing. Chinese le...Read More
what happened to our whatsapp
Release on2017-10-12China has largely blocked the WhatsApp messaging app, the latest move by Beijing to step up surveillance ahead of a big Communist Party gathering next...Read More
Xi urges speaking 'with one voice'
Release on2017-09-05China pledges 500m yuan for cooperative ventures China will set aside 500 million yuan ($76.61 million) for economic and technological cooperation and...Read More
Does Hard Work Bring Result?
Release on2017-09-06Everybody knows that if we want to be successful, we must work hard. As the saying that practice makes perfect, so only hard work can bring us the res...Read More
French President calls for EU's rebirth, voices support to Greece in Athens visit
Release on2017-09-08ATHENS, Sept. 7 (Xinhua)-- The handing of the Greek debt crisis has been a European failure underlining the need for a revival of the European Union (...Read More
Internal training
Release on2017-09-14We are very honored to invite website trainers to our company, to give training on how to do a good website, how to make a complete more perfect. We f...Read More
Big Promotion Season Coming in second half of 2017
Release on2017-08-10As one important manufacturer about silicone products in Shenzhen,our company took park in 2016 Alibaba Longgang Big trades performance competition(2016.08.12-2016.09.11)Read More
Canton Fair
Release on2017-08-09WHAT: The China Import and Export Fair, the oldest and biggest trade fair on the Chinese mainland, features a wide variety of products.WHEN: 14-17 October 2016 Read More
Annual Summer& Winter Domestic Vacations for Benhaida Team
Release on2017-07-25As a seven-year gold supplier& one of those leading manufacturers for all kinds of silicone&plastic kitchenware, Shenzhen Benhaida focus not only professional product process&designRead More