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How to face sharply going up of raw silicone material price

Jenny Chen 2017-10-30 12:06:58
According to China government polics of environment protection,all raw material price has been increased a lot since the early of 2017.Also including the price for raw silicone material.

From now on,the price of raw material has been increased more than 41% than usual.Then it becomes common that so many small factory have to be closed,who also manufacturing silicone products.Or some suppliers provide same 41% higher price.Even some one mixed other material to pretend a more competitive price than others.Everything comes with no signs,so customers have to face this huge changes and shorten their budgets.

However,we,Shenzhen Benhaida Rubber&Plastic Products Co,.Ltd, one of the biggest silicone factory in China,can definitely promise you that we can provide all silicone products as usual,and only add 10% higher price for larger quantity.
The reason why we can leave off this huge changes is that we have already purchased enough materail at once with full paid when there is little changes in the late of 2016.
We always be well prepared to enssure best product/price and service to all the customers.And we did it.

Finally to every customer,when you want us offer even more lower price,pls look up at China sky first,if the sky is blue and clear,the price will be higher;if the sky is gray,the price will be normal;But if the sky us dark&gray,congradulations the price will be cheapest.
We are difficult to confirm or decide the price,it depends on the sky.