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All of our workers load 699 cartons into a 40" container today

2017-10-28 15:22:32
Written by Yummy Wei on Oct. 28th.
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Tel: 86 15817465661

Today is Oct. 28th. 699 cartons of goods which will be shipped directly to Amazon warehouse are ready to ship and the shipping agent arrange a 40" container to pick up ! These goods are for one of our giant Amazon customer who is selling our 4 ball ice ball maker, 2" ice ball maker, 4 cavity and 8 cavity ice cube maker, silicone spatula and food tongs. We prepared these goods for them for Xmas.

The driver arrives at 2pm then our workers start to load the goods into the container. Cuz there are so many cartons, but the driver must take the full container to the port before 6pm. Time is urgent, so our boss call all of our workers include sales representatives who are men to help load the goods. Some workers are responsible to take the goods to the elevator from the 4th floor to the 1st floor, and some workers are responsible to take load the goods into the container. It is very hot today especially it is at noon, our workers' clothes are wet by sweat. They drink Red Bull to be more and more powerful to load the goods.  Our boss also comes to help. He's really so nice boss ! Finally all the cartons are loaded into the container at 4:20pm and the driver locks the container by the lock. I take photos for this to show our customer.If the container is open during delivery and some cartons are missing, the photo can prove that not we open it. 

All of our workers are tired after loading but we are delighted.We hope our customers can make more and more money while doing business with us. We are sure these goods will be sold quickly during Xmas season.