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Annual Summer& Winter Domestic Vacations for Benhaida Team

2017-07-25 10:15:17
As a seven-year gold supplier& one of those leading manufacturers for all kinds of silicone&plastic kitchenware, Shenzhen Benhaida focus not only professional product process&design, but also pay much attention to the harmonious teamwork cooperation, which can stimulate each member work more efficiently &corporately.

How will we do to create such great and comfortable atmosphere? Exactly! Travels & vacation can make you happy and relax. We get annual bonus vacations each Summer& Winter, during which all our teammates will join in together for a short   vacation around several days.
This is one of the most stirring event every year, joining climbing, swiming, or outdoor picnic, seaside barbecue, all of those activities serves as an interactive platform where all members can know each other and have nice work-ship.
As you can see on our website that there're also various kinds of BBQ tools in our Product Categories, such as the PTFE bbq grill mat, silicone bbq oil brush, stainless food tong and all size bbq grill gloves, these are perfect baking tool for outdoor picnic. We even supply the silicone wine glass cup for drinks toasting, and that baby food storage container is a good choice for BBQ Sauce dish plate.
Do you feel excited too after my description? Let’s take some overview for all these activities by below pictures:

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