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China nineteenth National Congress of the Communist Party

China nineteenth National Congress of the Communist Party

China nineteenth National Congress of the Communist Party has started in Beijing.

Chinese leader Xi Jinping urged the Communist Party on Wednesday to "resolutely oppose" any actions that undermine

its leadership as he opened a congress expected to enhance his already formidable power.

Xi told some 2,300 delegates at the imposing Great Hall of the People that the country was entering a "new era" as the

party pursues "socialism with Chinese characteristics".

"The prospects are bright, but the challenges are also severe," said Xi, who is expected to secure a second five-year term

as general secretary and stack leadership positions with loyalists during the twice-a-decade congress.

For this Party,What does this mean for China, and the world?
Xi's first five years at the top of Chinese politics have been characterised by consolidation of power as opposed to

delivering his plans for reform revealed at the 18th CCP Congress.

Upon assuming office in 2012, he promised to pursue new social and economic policies, including a crackdown on

corruption and a reduction in bureaucracy.

Should he be successful in extending his control over the CCP over the next week, Xi will be under pressure to finally

implement such plans during his second term, Lai said.

"The burden is on him [Xi] to pursue new policy, and he may want to introduce reforms regarding the economy, society

and governance," he said. "In the second term, the burden is on him to deliver."

On the international stage, however, this Congress is unlikely to alter the country's approach under Xi which has seen

China increasingly assert itself in global politics, according to Wye.

"I don't think we are expecting a sudden swerve in Chinese policy, but there will be a lot of attention given to the

country's One Belt and One Road initiative," he said.

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