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Who has decided to purchase not purchase your products? Is it just Depends on your customers?

  • 作者:Lucy Liao
  • 发布时间::2017-10-28
    "Take the customer as the center" the marketing thinking emphasis is focused on "of" focus on customers,but don't know whether you have thought about: customer really pay more attention to the market side,or more focused on the supply side?

   Is the customer more focused on "what you have" or "what do I want"? 
What's the meaning of making more than 100 yuan and spending less than 100 yuan? Is it really the same?

Today we invited several of our major clients to give their opinions.
We have benefited a lot !
We believe that we will get more and more orders in the future!
Brisk Business !

Our dear potential customers(international buyer),How about yours ?
It should be really appreciated if you can share your opinions with us !

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